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Downlod Robnbanks Screen Mates

Version 2.0 coming soon I plan to add a trail of slime that he will leave behind as he works his way across your desktop.


Click Here to           download v 1.0

Bender roams around on your Desktop (most likely drunk) don't upset him you might regret it.

A collection of various screen-mates for use with Sprites application, as you can see there is a fish like creature riding a four legged penis. I thought that might get your attention.


Click Here to download Misc Mates Collection v 1.0

Break out your tin foil hat, but gold and silver, stock pile food and water, turns out your friend (you know the one who seldom if every left his dark and dingy apartment) was right the illuminate is in control of everything and they are going to insist that you download their Sprite files

Click here to download Sprites illuminate Pack v1.1

Click here to download Sprites Kung Fu Panda v1.0


Sprites Zombie pack v1.0 this includes a whole set of various zombies it practically a zombie apocalypses.

This is an update which features some new characters and objects, that my daughter and I have added to our collection over the last few months.


Click Here to download Misc Mates Collection v 2.0

For those who collect screen mates and is a fan of martial arts dedicated to Screenmate Bruce Lee . This is a reflection of this fighter and master of martial arts directly on the desktop of the monitor screen. Legendary Bruce Lee settles on top of windows and labels! Now you can use the drop-down menu to force the movie hero to show you some Kung Fu style combat techniques!

Bruce Lee Briskmate

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