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If you need some help getting started on how to Use Universal Screen Mate Editor check out this Tutorial.




Interactive ScreenMate: Bart Simpson


Screen Mates were popular among windows 95 and 98 users. Some of my favorite ones were "Orange" and "Sheepy",...Screen Mates were also popular among Linux users such as "Tux: Penguins" and "Evil: Little Bill".


Many of the screen mates created for older systems will not run on Windows 7 or 8.1 however. However the majority of them still work on XP and Vista I created bart with the help of older programing the application that makes it possible does work on Windows 7 when run in compatibility mode. For instructions on running applications in compatibity mode "click here".


Download my ScreenMate: Bart Simpson


You download UniScnMate Here


To see some classic Screen Mates for Windows based PC's you can browse some of these links below.




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